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    Payment Policy:

    All payments due to the service provider shall be made in US Dollar and by Telegraphic Transfer of the receipt of the corresponding Invoice.
    30% payment will be done by TT on the day of Sales contract Rest 70% Amount will be made in US dollar by TT Transfer on the Shipment day of the receipt of the corresponding Invoice.


    (1) Commercial Invoice in three (3) originals indicating the Contract number shipping mark.

    (2) Packing List in three (3) originals issued by seller.

    (3) 3 originals and 3 copies clean shipped on board master bill of lading.

    (4) Origin certificate (one original one copy).

    (5) Phytosanitary certificate.

    (6) Fumigations certificate.

    (7) Inspection report from the third party.

    Terms of Delivery:

    Advice of shipment must be send out to the buyer within 48 hours immediately after completion of loading of goods on board the vessel the Sellers shall advise the Buyers by fax of the contract number, the name of goods, quantity or weight loaded, invoice value, name of vessel, port of shipment, sailing date and expected time of arrival (ETA)at the port of destination.

    Quality/Quantity/Weight Discrepancies & Claim:

    The quality of the goods must as the samples, If the quality is not same with the samples , then the buyer will apply for claim indemnity and according to the inspection certificate.
    The Seller shall guarantee that the commodity must be in conformity with the quality, specifications and quantity specified as per sales contract .

    Force Majeure:

    The seller shall not be responsible for the delay of shipment or non-delivery of the goods due to force majeure, which might occur during the process of manufacturing or in the course of loading or transit. The seller shall advise the buyer immediately of the occurrence mentioned above and within two days thereafter the seller shall send a mail to the buyer. Under such circumstances the seller, however, are still under the obligation to take all necessary measures to hasten the delivery of the goods. In case the accident lasts for more than five days the buyer shall have the right to cancel the contract.



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